Fundraisers & Volunteer Opportunity

Active in November

2017 California Growers Association- Purchase Marijuana Flowers Pure Kush, Haze, or Silver OG and 100% of proceeds go to aid marijuana industry fire victims in Northern California. 

2017 2nd Harvest Food Drive- Donate your canned food for a chance to win an Airfield Marijuana Gift Certificate! One Raffle ticket per item. Raffle ends November 30th.

2017 Toys For Tots- Donate new children's toys for a chance to win an Airfield Marijuana Gift Certificate! One raffle ticket per toy. Raffle ends December 16th.

2017 Fundraisers & Volunteer Work

2017 One America Appeal Fundraiser- $6,000 Donation to aid Hurricane victims in Texas & Florida

2017 More Than Pink Project Fundraiser- $1,100 Donation to one of our leaders in Breast Cancer Awarness

2017 Oceana Fundraiser - Creme De Canna Marijuana Shatter Slab Raffle- proceeds went to Oceana to help protect our ocean reefs.

2017 September Guadalupe River Clean Up- Team Airfield and patient volunteers helped clean the Guadalupe River in September. 100's of pounds of debris has been picked up but there is still more to be done before the winter rainfall sweeps everything into the Bay and then into our ocean. 

Since 2010,  Airfield has participated in Annual Fundraisers & Donations to the following Charities:

American Cancer Society

Various Leading Breast Cancer Awarness Foundations

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

High Fives Foundation

2nd Harvest Food Drive

Toys For Tots

One Warm Coat Drive