Becoming a member of Airfield Supply Co. is easy, and best of all, there are no fees!

Bring your original (signed and embossed) doctor’s recommendation or card and your valid California ID on your first visit. Please leave yourself a few minutes on your first visit to complete our membership agreement forms. 

Who We Are

Airfield Supply Co. (formerly South Bay Healing Center) was created for members to associate and enhance the development of physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

Our goal is to find solutions and share knowledge related to the health of our members, as well as facilitate and coordinate the cultivation and distribution of herbal remedies including cannabis for medical purposes as lawfully permitted under the laws of the State of California.

Improved Clone Nursery

Clones will now be available weekly and all year round. Clones are produced by Airfield's Nursery, Purple City Genetics, and Let's Grow Nursery.

Marijuana Clones

August Calendar of Events, Guest Vendors, & Free Services

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Strain Of The Day

Golden Strawberry.jpg

Golden Strawberry

Strength: Strong
Type: Sativa Hybrid

Airfield Supply Co. offers a daily special which is always 10% off eighths and grams. This strain is always rotating and is never repeating in the same week. View our menu for more strains.