Roc OG

Grower: Airfield Supply Co.
Avg. Potency: 20.50% THC
Cross: raskals Og X Chem 91
Phenotype: INDICA



Roc OG appears to be a Santa Cruz, California-bred, deceptively potent (THC levels reported reaching 21.09%), not-recommended-for-beginning consumers, sedating, couch-locking, lethargic and hungry, (some claim) nearly-to-100%, Indica, citrus, diesel, earth and pine, evening hybrid combination of Raskal OG and Chem 91.

“Better than being buried up to your neck at the beach!”
Ted Danson

“Relaxing without being sedative”
Mariah H.

“Relaxing full body effects with pain relieving qualities!”
Liana L.

“Great after dinner smoke!”
Ben S.

“It’s my mom’s favorite Indica! It has tooight little buddies!”
Britlee C.

“It’s fire AF, bruh!”
C. Keef