Grower: Airfield Supply Co.
Avg. Potency: 23.5% THC
Cross: Haze x Shiva Skunk x Northern Lights #5
Phenotype: Sativa
Prevalent Terpenes: a-Pineine, d-Lemonene and Myrcene
Prevalent Cannabanoids: THCa, THC and CBDa

July 2018

The lineage of Jack Herer can be traced back to its roots with Sensi Seeds in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It was named after cannabis activist and author, Jack Herer. And it is thought to be a cross between two popular sativa strains and one Indica strain. Haze, Shiva Skunk, and a Northern Lights #5 cross. Jack Herer is very energizing and can be pretty strong for newer cannabis users. The effects leave users feeling happy, uplifted, motivated and euphoric. Medically, Jack Herer has been used to fight the effects of Depression, Stress and Lack of Appetite. 

Jack Herer is full of good cannabinoids. And it usually has a very heavy amount of CBG.  These cannabinoids are very effective in fighting various forms of Cancers as well as being very effective for Glaucoma. It is also very prevalent with terpenes like a-Pinine and D-Limonene, both are known for being invigorating. Airfield Supply Company’s Jack Herer, is a fantastic tasting bud that gives the full spectrum of Jack effects. It’s no wonder this strain is a top seller among Airfield staff and customers alike. Comments from customers and budtenders are:


“It’s a happy, invigorating strain that tastes like piney lime!”

Michael Barton


“It’s an uplifting strain with a sharp sweetness to it! Jack Herer is fantastic! But if you want to go to sleep, don’t get the Jack Herer.”

Tim Freitag

“It’s pretty uplifting, energetic! It’s a good sativa!”

Frank Hill


“The high from Jack Herer was really sweet. I smoke everyday and sometimes it gets boring. When I smoked this I was surprised at how much I like.”

Anna (Los Gatos)


“Jack Herer is my morning medicine. I take it daily every morning before work, and it turns me into a happy, focused, energized person!”

Marcus (Milpitas)