25 Days of Blaze Gift Guide #5

Upgrade your advent calendar with 25 days of deals. We're raiding Santa's stash to bring you 25 Days of Blaze. Get gift-giving for everyone on your list with deals every day in December! The holidays are better high, spend it with us this year.

Week 5 Gift Guide

Every 5 days, 5 brands across different categories will be 25% off. For our final week of 25 Days of Blaze, we're counting down with 25% off Aviation, Jeeter, Kiva, Jetfuel & Select from December 21-26, 2021. Last-minute shoppers rejoice--We've got you covered with five more days of deals.

For the High Flyer:

For the one looking for an adventure, Aviation's Jack Herer sauce is a quick takeoff to an uplifting, energetic flight. With smooth, herbal flavor punctuated with citrus zest, this sativa-dominant strain is perfect for flying above stress and easing into social situations.


Add a plus one to your festive flower with the PAX 3.5 Vaporizer, a multi-use device for both concentrates and loose flower. This sleek device may look minimal but comes equipped with Bluetooth smartphone capability so you can get the most out of your flower and vaping experience.


For the Pre-roll Partier:

Take the holiday party on-the-go with Baby Jeeters Blue Zkittlez, indica-dominant mini prerolls coated in oil and dusted with kief for a first-class high. With notes of berry and fruit, these five prerolls pack enough flavor and punch to keep the party going.


For the Sweet Tooth:

Sorry Santa, you're going to want to save these milk and cookies for yourself! Kiva's Milk & Cookie CBN Terra Bites are the perfect nightcap with creamy milk chocolate, a crunchy cookie center and a sprinkle of sea salt. THC and CBN help you get into bed easier so you can fall asleep and stay asleep.


For the Covert Cocktail Sipper:

Spice up your holiday mocktail with Select's THC drops. Add a drop to a drink or just slip it under your tongue for a quick route to elevation. You only need a drop of this potent tincture in order to slip into a state of rest and relaxation.


For the Jet Setter:

For the one who's on-the-go and needs a strain that keeps your head out of the clouds, Jetfuel's Harlequin is an evenly balanced strain with a high level of CBD. This sativa strain provides an energetic, clear-headed high with CBD to help ease stress and pain.