Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Fly Way

Quench Your Thirst

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the fly way-- get 10% off your favorite beverages & forget the hangover with Airfield on May 4th & 5th! You don't have to spend the whole party waiting for your edible to hit; grab a cold cannabis-infused beverage instead & be party-ready in less than 30 minutes with fewer regrets the next day. Discover sugar-free, gluten-free, micro-dose, & high-dose options from each of our favorites; there's a way for everyone to indulge.

Beverage Bonus


Cann You Believe It?

This year on Cinco de Mayo, have you thought about ditching the hangover but not the buzz? Let us introduce you to Cann, a highly social tonic made for those looking to fly high without the crash! Try award-winning flavors like Tove Lo's Passion Peach Mate (the first caffeinated Cann!) for a micro-dosed high with a boost of clean energy or Lemon Lavendar for the perfectly elevated low-dose mocktail. Dry doesn't have to be boring!


For those who like to fly a little higher, meet Higher Vibes by Wunder! A higher-dose sparkling beverage with a unique blend of Delta-8 & Delta-9 THC. With 20mg total per can, they pack quite a light punch. The hangover isn't the only negativity you're avoiding here since Wunder is made with all-natural flavors, zero gluten, and non-GMO ingredients. Try any of their special flavors Blood Orange Bitters, Blackberry Lemon, or Grapefruit Hibiscus mixed into mocktails or on their own for a Cinco de Mayo you won't soon forget!


HI-FI (Smokeless) Sessions

Check out Hi-Fi's all-new look! Lagunitas' Hi-Fi Sessions features the same light & bright hoppy flavor you love in a sleek and sexy new tall can. 10mg of THC per can with ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, and NO sugar or gluten; these bevs deliver a customizable session where you can choose your ultimate destination! Fly as high as you'd like without the next-day crash (or regret!).

Kwik-ly Elevated

Kwik's shot-sized quenchers are the quickest path to a higher elevation! For those looking to fly extra high-- these 100mg shots help you reach your desired destination with ease. They're easy to drink all at once or save for later with only 2 fl in the entire bottle. If a gentle departure is more your speed, a cap-full or two is the perfect mix-in to the perfect micro-dose mocktail. With Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica options available, you get to choose your direction of travel!