Big Pete's First 2022 Beach Cleanup!

Keep Our Beaches Clean with Big Pete's!

Mark your calendars because Airfield is sponsoring Big Pete's first Beach Cleanup of 2022 THIS SATURDAY, June 25th! Join us at Main Beach by the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz to get the beaches clean just in time for Summer! Stock up on Big Pete's cookies before you go because they'll be in the Hangar and 15% off until Friday, June 25! Grab them while they're hot!


A Family Matter

Big Pete, the founder of Big Pete's, has lived his life and raised his family on the Santa Cruz beaches. His life-long love for the ocean, inspired by surfing and exploring the beautiful coastline, fostered his appreciation for wildlife and great respect for those aspiring to defend the sea from pollution. His first job was cleaning up trash at Main Beach at the Boardwalk, making him no stranger to how quickly trash can pile up on the beaches and how that affects surrounding nature and communities. With Summertime fast approaching, we are teaming up with the Big Pete's team to reduce the amount of waste left on the beaches so you can do more sunbathing and less tip-toeing!

Main Beach, Santa Cruz, CA
Saturday, June 25th
10 am-1 pm

Please remember to carpool whenever necessary, as parking will be tight!

Check in at the Big Pete's tents to collect your supplies & get started!