Binske Flower Just Landed

Determined to perfect every detail of the user experience, binske is a cannabis brand that produces flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates and vape carts. Recognized by Leafly for best concentrates and edibles, Westword for best concentrates, and winner of a second place “Best Edibles” award from The Emerald Cup, binske has consistently created excellent cannabis products since their founding in 2015. Recently, binske expanded their presence in California, and we’re proud to have them on the shelves at Airfield Supply!


Currently available at Airfield, binske flower is grown to the highest standards, resulting in intensely aromatic, flavorful buds featuring terpene profiles and flavors that are unique to each cultivar. Look for new varieties including Cherry Blossom Slushy and Catalina Cheesecake, with Brazilian Banana OG, Cherry Chip Affogato, Pismo Pebbles and other new flavors coming soon. Grown in greenhouses with supplemental lighting, this style of cultivation combines the best of both worlds to produce fine flowers, allowing for superior control of the cultivation environment (like indoor) while minimizing the carbon footprint of production (like outdoor).  

As further evidence of eco-consciousness, binske innovates sustainable packaging for our cannabis products, with reusable, recyclable, child-resistant solutions like mini-Mason jars for flower, paper-based packaging for vape carts, chocolate bars and concentrates, and easy-to-open tins for gummies and pre-rolls.

A family-run company founded by brothers Jake and Alex Pasternack, binske celebrates artistic creativity, social consciousness and high quality ingredients. Dedicated to delivering an elevated cannabis experience that affords everyone a taste of the high life, binske finds inspiration in collaborations with diverse artisans including craft coffee companies, mural artists and fashion designers.


Today, binske can be found in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and Washington, setting high standards for ingredient quality, user experience and customer satisfaction. Once you get a taste of the high life, there's no going back.

Follow us on @binske and visit to learn more about our cannabis products.