Elevate Danksgiving with Airfield

Thanksgiving is here once again! Through the last few years of mayhem, many of us finally get to come together with our families again. Maybe you're planning to gather with loved ones to cook, laugh, and entertain each other. Or perhaps you dread seeing family you haven't seen in ages or the impending conversations about whether you have a significant other or a college degree.

Either way, we have the key to making Thanksgiving low-stress and high as a kite, whether the goal is to bring your people closer together or quell your social anxiety. Explore our Danksgiving picks and make this Thanksgiving one you actually might forget!

All Buzz, Zero Stress

The Holidays can be stressful no matter the circumstances; whether you're nervous to see distant family or hosting a big party that must go perfectly, cannabis can get you through it. Instead of using alcohol to take the edge off, make Cann part of your signature drink at cocktail hour this year. With all of the buzz & none of the bad stuff, these CBD + THC wonders have all the benefits of liquid courage without the hangover. Need to fly higher? Pair your drink with a quick puff of a Select Elite Live cartridge to boost your mood ASAP without the in-laws noticing!


App'y Hour

The best part of Thanksgiving is the food & it all starts with the appetizers. Baked brie cheese on a charcuterie board, deviled eggs, chips & dip, BBQ cocktail sausages; are you drooling yet? We are. Elevate your appetizer spread with an infused treat section by adding Papa & Barkley's chocolates or Kiva's Camino gummies to the charcuterie board. It's a great way to help non-smokers at your party prep their tummy for impending fullness. For the smokers in your group, prepare to be stuffed with a pre-dinner Jeeter. Grab one of these flavor-packed infused dog walkers for a quick solo sesh, or try the XL if you want to share it with your (adult) cousins.

The Adult Table Just Got Cooler

It's finally time to sit down and enjoy the meal we've been dreaming about all year long. So you burned the bread & the turkey's a little dry; maybe grandpa keeps talking politics, and your sister's overly intoxicated. With increasing social, political, and cultural divisiveness driving people apart, Kiva's cannabis-infused gravy is back to unite all around the dinner table. Stuffing, Brussels sprouts, and awkward conversation; you can drown them all out with savory rosemary, thyme, & 10mg of THC. Just remember, no matter what happens, it's all gravy.


Dessert & Dishes

Dinner is over, leftovers are getting packed into to-go containers & dishes are piling up at the sink, but you can wait to think about that. It's time to indulge in the sweet relief of dessert! Lean into the food coma, crumble some Big Pete's Indica cookies over your pie & ice cream and let the nap commence! Once you're ready to get up & tackle that kitchen, LEVEL's THC-A rich Boost tabs & Vape will snap you right back into reality and get you through those dishes in no time! The cherry on top of your Danksgiving after the full day of cleaning, prepping, cooking, socializing, and cleaning-- reach for Sweet Relief's rich body butter. Massage it into your skin to soothe tired joints & finally get some well-deserved rest. You've more than earned it.

The Dank in Danksgiving

There's no single way to do Thanksgiving, so we hope this offered a few ideas to switch yours up this year and keep it low-stress. For the overachievers, the socially awkward, and everyone in between; we hope cannabis allows everyone the space to feel thankful, no matter what for.