Gifts for Mom

Get Mom the Flowers She Really Wants

Finding gifts for mom just got easier! Get 20% off mom's faves and make her day with unique picks like 0.3g CBD pre-rolls from Pure Beauty, THC infused Chocolate from Papa & Barkley, THC-V mints from Kikoko, and much more. For moms that could use a boost, the ones that need to snooze, & everyone in between-- find a little something for each mom in your life!

Gifts for Mom

The One That's Always On-The-Go

Moms do it all-- and even though it's hard to ask, sometimes they need a little help to get through the day. Though cannabis is notorious for causing feelings of relaxation, calm, and sleepiness, it can also encourage creativity and activity! With products like Boost mints from Kikoko, THC-V works hard to stimulate your mind without a heavy high. They're made with natural matcha for a bit of caffeine. These Little Helpers are the perfect gift for the mom who's always got people to see and places to go!

The One That Needs a Break

If your mom is the kind of mom who just wants peace & quiet this Mother's Day, we can't prevent life from getting crazy. We can, however, make it easier for her to chill out when it inevitably does! When you see mom getting a bit overwhelmed, it's time to hand her the Indica 0.3g Pure Beauty Babies. These pre-rolls are so quick and easy to smoke that you'll never even know she stepped outside! If your mom's not much of a smoker, swap the pre-roll for Papa & Barkley's 30:1 tincture for a quick and easy mood boost without the heavy high. She can mix it into her favorite beverage or just drop it right under her tongue; the possibilities are endless.


The One That Doesn't Sleep

Is your mom the type to be wide awake when you go to bed at night but already up and cleaning when you wake up the next day? Help her get a whole night's rest this year with the gift of Papa & Barkley Pomegranate CBN Chocolate. Not only is this the perfect excuse to end the night with a bite of delectable dark chocolate, but it's also the ideal way to help her fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling like she doesn't have kids! If she doesn't have a sweet tooth-- Papa & Barkley makes this same blend of CBN in capsule & tincture form!