Celebrate Grads & Dads

What Do Grads & Dads Have In Common?

June is in full swing, and Father's Day snuck up on us again. We also procrastinated on getting a gift for our sister's grad party... Just when we thought finding gifts couldn't get more difficult, let us welcome you to the one-stop-shop for gifts that grads and dads can appreciate!

June 15th through 19th, get 20% off Farmer & the Felon, ABX, Wunder, Aviation, Gold Flora, and Jetfuel!

Rad Grads,

& Rad Dads

Cannabis is a powerful tool for elevating your every day.

Whether you need to decompress after a long semester or an intense dad-joke brainstorm.

Find your method of take-off and enjoy the ride!

Whatever Conditions

Let us lift you higher and bring you closer together on every adventure.

Raise your vibrations with a Wunder mocktail, the perfect bubbly beverage to share with family and friends.

Grab a Big Pete's cookie by the fire and make yourself s'mores you'll immediately need s'more of!

Inhale the Blackberry Kush ABX cartridge, and exhale stress. Relaxation is a breath away.

Whatever your weekend holds, we have the tools to help you reach your destination.