Go cashless AND contactless with Treez Pay powered by Stronghold. We're excited to introduce secure, one-click payments that enable contactless transactions for online & delivery orders! Fly first-class by paying ahead of time with just a small convenience fee per transaction.

Enjoy Contactless Delivery!

Treez Pay powered by Stronghold provides a secure but simple way to utilize your banking information to pay for cannabis transactions. Encrypted & confidential customer banking details are not accessible by the dispensary or Treez, keeping your information safe from harm.

Easy-to-Use TreezPay!

Stay safe and fly high with this new payment option that allows you to pay ahead of time to skip the lines for online pickup or delivery orders. With online pickup, place an order online and select the Treez Pay prepay option. Sign up once for Treez Pay and enjoy convenient, contactless payment for all future orders! Fly ahead at full speed with our new VIP Express Pickup line. When you arrive at Airfield, simply show you ID, grab your bag and go.

Delivery gets upgraded with the cashless, contactless Treez Pay option! Order delivery online, select the option to pay ahead of time with Treez Pay, and skip the hassle of dealing with cash. We’ve expanded our delivery capability to fly to you within two hours of placing a delivery order so you can enjoy delivery that travels to you, quickly & conveniently!