Sleep Tight with Kiva: The Dream Team

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Better Than a Bedtime Story

If everyone has one thing in common, it's the desire for a good night's sleep. We all crave restful slumber that lasts until our alarm sounds off, to wake restored and ready to achieve anything through the day. You know, the kind we used to get as a kid before most of us had any of the stress or health problems that keep us up at night nowadays. Today is your lucky day (or year) because 2023 is your time to get the sleep you deserve; here's how. 

Meet the Dream Team

Before cannabis was made legal for recreational use in 2018, many sleep-deprived Californians turned to supplements, prescription medications, and even alcohol to get the job done. The trick with these alternatives is that they don't do the work to give you the rest you really need; they unnaturally force your body into a specific sleep stage, so most wake up feeling groggy or, traditionally, hungover. Since 2018, cannabis sleep products have become one of the trendiest categories in the game because THC is known to cause drowsiness all by itself, but what if it had a little help from its friends?


Another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant is becoming increasingly popular because it's been found to be more sedative than THC. That cannabinoid is CBN! Since edibles stay in your system longer than vapor or smoke, Kiva's CBN edibles won't just help you fall asleep fast; it also enables you to stay asleep longer without feeling like you need to hit the snooze eight times the following day. Kiva offers plenty of variety, so you can make your nightcap precisely what you want whenever you need it.

Midnight Blueberry Caminos quickly became Kiva's best-selling product when they came out in late 2019. Made with 5MG THC and 1MG CBN enhanced with herbal ingredients like chamomile and lavender, Midnight Blueberry provides the rest you've been searching for without that pesky hangover.

It soon became clear that the public needed more help falling and staying asleep. Kiva's confectioners got to work whipping up different THC + CBN-infused edibles, so cannabis lovers could find the perfect ratio in the flavor and form they want most.


The next addition to Kiva's Dream team was their first chocolate edible with CBN: Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate. 5MG THC and 2MG CBN per piece in a crisp, minty dark chocolate bar sprinkled with cacao nibs provide the sweet tranquility you're searching for, all while feeling like you're enjoying a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream before crawling into bed. What could be better than that?


Imagine the same ratio of cannabinoids featured in the Midnight Mint Dark Chocolate bar but infused into a sweet & creamy milk chocolate surrounding a crunchy but tiny chocolate cookie core. Does it feel too good to be true? They're called Milk & Cookie Terra Bites & they are very real! Following in the footsteps of the ever-famous Blueberry Terra Bites, there's no biting off more than you can chew with these micro-dosed miracles. Pop one (or two, you do you) before you hit the hay and wake up to a new day!


Then came Kiva's first mood-targeting mint. Fresh blackberry and vanilla flavors combine with a mix of 2.5 MG of THC and 1 MG of CBN to create the subtlest CBN-infused edible we've yet seen. This light amount of THC is ideal for canna-lovers with a lower tolerance, who may find stronger doses of THC stimulating or anxiety inducing before bed.


Last but surely not least is the newest addition to the CBN Dream Suite: Blackberry Dream Sours, the strongest CBN-infused edible availble from Kiva. It features 10MG THC and 3MG CBN per gummy infused with gentle terpenes, chamomile, and lavender extracts for an extra-relaxing edible experience.


That's the suite of products known as Kiva's Dream Team! From sweet to sour, chocolate to gummies, there's a flavor and form for everyone. Sleep might feel like a distant dream but rest assured, Kiva's Dream Team is here to save the day (& night).