Meet Aviation: Flower for Flight

Introducing Aviation Cannabis, a new premium flower brand by Airfield Supply Co. Aviation is flower for flight: indoor grown, craft-cultivated, flavor-obsessed and delivered in the most sustainable packaging possible. Whether you're flying solo or with friends, enjoy the ride!


Life on the high side.

Aviation was born out of a love for the higher things in life. After 15 years of commercial cultivation and riding the wave of legalization, we knew that we could bring a higher standard of flower to the industry. Wherever you want to go, we have the wings to take you higher. From our focus on flavor and sustainability to our art meets science approach to cultivation, we're cruising at a different altitude. See what keeps us flying above the rest of the pack!


Let your creativity fly.

At Aviation, we know that cannabis is the beginning of the conversation - never the end. So, we developed Aviation to reflect a spirit of adventure, a culture of exploration and a love for the unknown. Whether you are looking to relax or energize, our promise is to be the wings that lift you up.


How we fly.

Craft to us means care. Every step along the journey, we put our love for flower first. Aviation is small-batch grown, hand-trimmed, and grown indoors in a controlled environment to ensure that terpenes are maximized to reach full flavor potential. Our commitment to care continues with our sustainable packaging, which utilizes reclaimed plastic to stabilize and perserve our terpene profiles.

Indoor Grown: Indoor grown in our uniquely equipped facility by in-house cultivation experts that keep us flying above the rest.
Craft-Cultivated: Always small-batch grown and hand-trimmed with care. Craft is in our DNA from departure to arrival!
Flavor Obsessed: Instead of focusing on THC percentages, flavor and feeling are brought to the forefront with a focus on terpenes.
Flying Sustainably: Reclaimed plastic & recyclable material make our packaging the most sustainable possible.

Find your flight.

Find the right flight for you with a range of different form factors. 


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