Prepare for Take-Off with New Live Rosin Pods from PAX

PAX, the San Francisco-based brand known for its award-winning hardware and technology, has launched their very own Era pods! They’re not just any pods, either. They’re filled with live rosin which makes them a perfect pair with any PAX Era device.

Why are we so excited? These fresh-pressed live rosin pods deliver a pure, chemical-free experience with no harmful solvents, heavy metals, or pesticides. They do this all while delivering an unmatched true-to-the-plant experience that feels more like a toke of fresh flower than a hit of your vape. This new line of PAX pods offers full flavor, high quality, and potency at an unbelievable value. To top it off, each of the pods comes in both a .5G or 1G so you can get more for less and fly high without a pit stop that much longer!

What sets PAX and their Live Rosin Pods Apart?

PAX’s solventless live rosin’s proprietary, the first-of-its-kind process delivers high-efficiency extraction without any harsh chemical solvents. Using innovations in formulation science, PAX live rosin is crafted to preserve all the natural major and minor cannabinoids and the complete profile of terpenes to bring you the best out of the flower in a vape form. PAX’s Live Rosin is 100 percent cannabis — nothing added, nothing removed. Natural diamonds, a purified liquid form of THCA, allow for enhanced potency and a perfectly balanced, full flower experience. This incredible innovation by PAX makes for a sensational experience for us!


A Bit About PAX

PAX’s curated set of pure, full-flavor pods and award-winning devices make enjoying cannabis simple and safe. For more than a decade, PAX has created next-generation devices that deliver enduring quality through innovations in design and technology, and have been trusted by millions of cannabis users nationwide. The PAX brand represents a vision for creating sustainable well-being and building opportunity through cannabis.

PAX’s Live Rosin features seasonal, small-batch strains– including timeless favorites like Blue Dream and Pineapple Express. Right now through the end of April, PAX is sweetening the deal with a BOGO saving you up to $20 off when you purchase a PAX Era Life battery with a Live Rosin Pod in-store. Pods are currently available at Airfield Supply Co. in .5G and 1G, to keep you flying high!


NEW PAX Live Rosin Pods