Adult Use (Recreational) & Medical Use

Airfield Supply Company sells both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. To purchase cannabis, Adult Use customers will need to provide a Valid Government Issued Photo Identification Card. For Medical Use customers, you will need to bring your doctor letter or State Medical Marijuana Card. All customers must be over the age of 21. In order to shop at Airfield, you will need to sign a release of liability form. 

Who We Are

Airfield Supply Company is a full service marijuana dispensary. Our boutique style retail store offers a wide selection of the finest cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and clones. We strive to provide a retail experience that excels with quality and professionalism. 

Improved Clone Nursery 

Marijuana Clones are now available weekly and all year round. Marijuana clones are produced by Airfield's Nursery & Dark Heart Nursery.

Marijuana Clones

Monthly Calendar & Events

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 Strain of the Day is...


Strain: 20% off All Airfield Supply Co. Flower

Type:  Variety

Strength: Variety

Airfield Supply Co. offers a daily cannabis special which is always 10% off marijuana flower eighths and grams. This strain rotates daily and is never repeating in the same week. View our menu for more marijuana strains.