Labor Day Lift-Off: Fly A Little Higher This Weekend!

Can you believe summer is almost over?! We have had one heck of a summer at Airfield and to finish it with a bang, we thought the best thing to do was offer you a few reasons to fly a little higher this weekend!

In honor of the holiday, Airfield Supply Company has teamed up with some of our best friends and is thrilled to offer 15% OFF ALL GOLD FLORA, PAPA & BARKLEY, BIG PETE’S TREATS AND ALL AIRFIELD PRE-ROLLS! Shop now and learn more below about why we love these brands.

Without further ado, we bring you Airfield’s Labor Day Lift-Off!

Gold Flora

Straight out of Orange County, Gold Flora focuses on high-quality concentrates and flower. We love their design sensibility and especially the Naked AF pens that are as stylish as they are potent! Shop Gold Flora now for 15% off! They also recently added flower to their line up and we can confirm it lives up to the hype!

Papa & Barkley

Whether it’s a topical, tincture or edible - Papa & Barkley has you covered with their great line of THC and CBD-driven supplies. We can’t get enough of their family-first vibe and positive spirit, so enjoy Papa & Barkley for 15% off from August 28 - September 2 at Airfield!

Big Pete’s Treats

Bringing the essence of Santa Cruz vibes over the hill, we love Big Pete’s tasty selection of edibles. With flavors like chocolate chip, cinnamon and sugar, and peanut butter - you are bound to find a snack you love! Shop now for 15% off all Big Pete’s Treats!

Airfield Pre-rolls

We love making them, you love smoking them! Our in-house pre-rolls are the perfect complement for any Labor Day BBQ, beach day or backyard party. Stock up today for 15% off and don’t forget to grab a few for your friends too!

*Discounts taken at time of purchase, subject to availability and while supplies last.