Happy 710! Celebrate at Airfield for 15% off Beezle, Mychron, F/eld & 710 Labs

We love the soil, but we REALLY love the oil!

To celebrate this most concentrated of holidays, we are proud to announce the Airfield Supply Co 710 Celebration Experience - featuring 15% off all concentrates from Beezle, Mychron Extracts, F/eld Extracts and 710 Labs all day on July 10th! Experience a one-day party of all things concentrates, oils and the amazing development processes that bring them to the world. Also as a special treat, come to Airfield Supply Company and learn from our favorite concentrate brands about their processes!

Read more after the jump about why we are loving these brands and stop by Airfield on July 10th to enjoy our 710 Experience!


Coming out of the heart of Sonoma County, we love Beezle’s line of concentrates. Working with local farmers to source the greatest cannabis from all around Northern California, their line of live and cured resin concentrates will help take any event to the next level. Enjoy 15% off all Beezle concentrates this 7/10!

*Beezle Sauce cartridges not included in 710 celebration promotion.

Mychron Extracts

When you are on the go but still want a flow, Mychron offers a variety of high-quality vapes for any occasion. We are partial to their Jack Harer (of course!) vape and are thrilled to offer 15% off all Mychron Extracts cartridges this 710!

F/eld Extracts

F/ELD is committed to only sourcing the highest quality, cleanest and freshest materials. We love their range of vapes and concentrates, especially the amazingly named Fyre Festival, so enjoy 15% off all F/eld Extracts concentrates this 710!

710 Labs

The self-proclaimed OGs of the concentrate world, 710 Labs offers a delicious selection of live rosin, sauce, badder, water hash and more! Enjoy 15% off all 710 Labs concentrates this 710!

Shop our 710 Experience today and tell us how you are celebrating the holiday!