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California Marijuana Legalization

               January 1st, 2018 marks a historical day in California for everyone who enjoys marijuana.  Adults over the age of 21 will be able to purchase cannabis at any State Permitted Marijuana Store.  San Jose will be one of the first cities in California to allow State sanctioned marijuana sales, alongside Berkeley, Oakland, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Redding, Eureka, and San Diego, on January 1st, 2018. We couldn’t be more proud to live in the Bay Area and be part of this historical movement.

              Airfield Supply Co, is excited to announce that we have received our State permits to sell both Adult Use and Medical Use marijuana starting January 1st , making us one of the very first dispensaries in California to legally sell marijuana to adults. With this, there will be a few things that will change in the New Year. There will be different purchase limits for Adult Use and Medical Use customers and an additional CA State Tax of 15% for all. See purchasing limits below. We do not expect the new purchasing limits to affect too many people, if you would like to purchase over 1oz of cannabis flower at a time for medical purposes, you may want to obtain a doctor's recommendation. If you plan to spend over $1,600 on cannabis per year, it would be worth investing in a State Medical Card that will exempt you from the 9.25% Sales Tax. You can obtain a State Medical Card for around $100 at your local County Health Department.  Regardless of your medical status, concentrates are capped at 8 grams per day.  The milligrams of THC contained in edibles and other products will count toward this 8 gram limit.  This may sound complicated but Airfield’s helpful budtenders will be able to guide you through the process and provide excellent product suggestions tailored to your preferences.

               To honor this historical day, limited edition Airfield t-shirts will be available on January 1st only! Airfield Supply Co. will provide a stylish and comfortable shopping environment for anyone over the age of 21. A wide variety of products will be available including bud, hash, oil, edibles, vape pens, topicals, plants, and seeds. You won’t just walk away excited about what’s in your bag, you will be grinning at how amazing your first legal marijuana purchase felt. Staffed with top quality cannaseurs, you will receive expert advice on all products marijuana. Whether you are looking for something to smoke with friends, clean the house, or go to sleep, Airfield budtenders will have you covered. They have years of experience with all of today’s top products.

               When deciding where to make your first legal marijuana purchase, make sure the business has a State license and well trained staff to answer all your questions. Lastly, take a deep breath and inhale your new right as an Adult Californian! Enjoy!

California Marijuana Legalization Purchasing Limits