Jetfuel Cannabis | THC 15.3% CBD 0.05%
What it is: The LA Confidential 5 x 0.5 Gram Doobie pack takes ... Full Description
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Indica Dominant Hybrid
Budtender Approved
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What It Is:

The LA Confidential 5 x 0.5 Gram Doobie pack takes award-winning Indica strain LA Confidential whole flower and rolls it into five 0.5g doobies - perfect to toke and go!

Why We Love It:

LA Confidential is the quickest route to relaxation and relief, with Indica-heavy effects that quickly calm both mind and body. This popular cross between OG La Affie and Afghani provides a necessary escape that will take anyone on a well-deserved vacation without ever leaving the couch.

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