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Jetfuel Cannabis | THC 15.4%
Flavors: Piney, Earthy, Sour
Effect: Relax
Ingredients: Raskal Og, Chemdawg 91
What it is: Indica-heavy ROC OG is a hybrid cross of Raskal OG and ... Full Description
$12.00 -  1G
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Indica Dominant Hybrid
Budtender Approved
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What It Is:

Indica-heavy ROC OG is a hybrid cross of Raskal OG and Chemdawg 91 - a flower full of frosty buds for an OG Indica experience expertly trimmed and rolled into a pre-roll perfectly prepared to simply light up and take flight.

Why We Love It:

ROC OG's powerful Indica-hybrid is known for its strong sedative effects, used best for appetite-stimulation and stress management. Frosty, dense nugs smoke smooth and strike the perfect balance between earthy, pine aromas and sour, citrus notes.

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