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Description: What it is: The PAX ERA battery is their most compact, discreet design in a portable, ... Full Description
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What It Is:

The PAX ERA battery is their most compact, discreet design in a portable, rechargeable battery - for exclusive use with PAX Pods. Includes a charging cable.

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Customer Reviews
  1. My new favorite way to burn
    I'm very picky when it comes to how I take my cannabis. I prefer this over traditional 510 vapes by a mile. I've only tried with the pax live rosin pods so far, but the flavor and potency are streets ahead of any other I've tried so far. It actually tastes like physical flower is in there AND the full terp profile is so well defined. I think this is in part due to the meticulous control the era pro gives over temp (~400F - ~700F). Not just in setting the temp but also in maintaining it in real time.

    Once I got past the frustration and confusion of updating the firmware it has been near flawless. I wouldn't change a thing after having about a week to test it out. It's so cool being able to pop in a pod and have the app recognize it and update (sometimes automatically) showing you test results, lab results, and optimum temps for different effect (max vape/max flavor/etc). Something I never knew I wanted. Beware that you have to go through some hoops if you want to use the app on apple products.


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