How can I purchase cannabis from Airfield Supply Co?

We currently offer three different options for purchasing cannabis:

  • In-store Purchase: Customers are able to visit our physical location at 1190 Coleman Ave to purchase cannabis via a consultation from one of our highly-trained budtending staff. In Store Purchases are currently accepting Cash, Credit or Debit.

  • Online Pick-Up Order: Customers are able to order through our live online ordering menu here. Orders placed online are able to be picked up in-store and complete the Credit, Debit or Cash transaction on-site.

  • Delivery: In addition to in-store pickup, customer within our service area can order cannabis for delivery through our live online ordering menu here. All deliveries can be paid for with Cash, Credit or Debit

How can I pay for my order?

  • Debit & Credit Card - Accepted for Delivery, Pickup & In-Store. Debit & Credit requires a $3 processing fee (this goes to the processor and is not collected by Airfield). You will also need a US ID (with Mag strip) & a cell phone able to receive texts. If orders are over $500 it may require more than one transaction per order.

  • Cash - Accepted for Delivery, Pickup & In-Store. ATM’s are available in the store and require a $3 service fee. If paying with Cash on Delivery, drivers will only provide change to the nearest dollar.

  • Hypur - COMING SOON! Free cardless and cashless payment for in store as well as for online payments! Download the App for IOS or Android.



Do you know of a better cannabis friendly payment processor or do you have a specific payment method in mind? We want to know! We are always looking to improve our payment options we offer and want to hear from you!

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