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You know how weed gives you cotton mouth and then you need a drink? Well, some genius at product development just solved that little dilemma with cannabis-infused beverages. Get all the high with none of the dry. But that's not all the magic cannabis drinks deliver. They're also great for picnics, BBQs, or unwinding after a long day of work as an alternative to booze or alcohol.

What Is A Cannabis Beverage?

Glad you asked. It is what it says it is: Cannabis that you can drink. Some have THC, some have CBD, some have other cannabinoids, and some mix and match cannabinoids for tailored effects. Rad. Thank you, weed drinks. These drinks also come in all different kinds of carbonated flavors. Kind of like White Claw for stoners. But if you can't hang with that, you can get weed beer or weed wine, cannabis syrup to mix your own THC mocktail or even powdered drink weed like old-school KoolAide. What? Yes. Just like KoolAide, but without that big pitcher guy who's always smashing through walls and breaking things. These powdered drinks are all chill.

What Are The Benefits Of Cannabis Beverages?

We've already covered so many. Let's review: No cotton mouth, cool flavors, different formulations...the list goes on and on. But here's one we haven't covered. No odor. And they're perfectly discreet. You could sip one at a family BBQ with your Granny and she would be none the wiser.

But there's something else, in case you haven't figured this out: You don't smoke them. I mean you could try, but they are pretty much not combustible. This is amazing from a health perspective and for medical patients that can't smoke. And remember, there are drinks of every description so you can always find the right potency for your needs.

How Do I Choose A Cannabis Beverage?

How do you choose a lover? Too personal? Sorry. The point is that we all have criteria for our choices. Cannabis drinks are no different. What flavors do you like? Fizzy or flat? Beer or wine? How strong? CBD-infused cannabis drinks may offer more pain relief than high.

On the other hand, THC-infused drinks may get you higher than a mighty sunshine state sequoia. A true lift-off! The dosage of CBD drinks in the market ranges between 15-30mg, whereas THC drinks are between 2-100mg. 

The point here is that what you're looking for will vary from person to personSee, it's just like love. And as with any edible, go slow and be patient. That means starting with a low dosage and giving it some time. For drinks, an hour should be good. If you need a bit more at the 60-minute mark, handle it. But slowly. It's not time to pull out that old funnel from college yet.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Drinks

We get a lot of questions about them. It makes sense. This is all new new.

How Long Do The Effects Of Cannabis Beverages last?

The length of effect may vary, dosage dependent. But 2-4 hours is standard.

How Long Do Cannabis Beverages Take To Kick In?

Faster than an edible. Slower than a joint. Usually 20 minutes or so. There are some variables. Full stomach? Empty stomach? Tolerance? Also, people’s bodies react differently to cannabis; some may feel the effects early, while others may take longer. It has been found that cannabis beverages give a quicker and more consistent result than edible; the absorption process starts as soon as the drink touches your tongue. Sweet!

What Are Cannabis Beverages Used For?

To get a little stoned. As medicine. As an alcohol replacement. As a discrete way to consume cannabis. Because they taste delicious. To treat medical patients who can't smoke. For recreational consumers who don't want to to smoke. For fun, for aches, for pains, for insomnia, for anxiety. The list is truly endless and we're out of space here. So sorry.

But wait. There's one more fun fact: Cannabis seltzers, drink mixes, and syrups are all non-alcoholic, so it's totally cool to mix cannabis drinks with boozeSome call that the mighty cross fade. Not that we're advocating, of course.

How Strong Are Cannabis Beverages?

I once saw a cannabis beverage at the gym squat 700 pounds. Yes, cannabis beverages are that strong. Ok, so that's a lie. But do I have your attention? We're not talking physical strength here. We're talking potency. We're talking milligrams. While THC-infused cannabis beverages can go up to 100 mg (That's not a single serving, hero.), CBD-infused beverages have a limit of 50mg. However, most beverages are micro-dosed so you can control and enjoy your dosage, or find the right amount of medicine for effective treatment.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis Beverages?

If you are in California, you can walk into an Airfield dispensary to pick up a cannabis beverage. They are sold as singles and packs so you can enjoy the drink solo or with friends. You can also place an order for cannabis-infused beverages on our website and get them delivered to your door.

Airfield aims to provide premium-quality cannabis products in a stress-free setting to make your shopping experience memorable. Apart from our cannabis-infused drinks, we also have a selection of high-quality flowers, pre-rolls, smoking accessories, concentrates, and more. You can find more information about these on our website or with a visit to an Airfield dispensary.

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