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Edible cannabis, or simply edibles, are foods that contain cannabis. While smoking is the most common way to consume cannabis, eating cannabis-infused products is becoming increasingly popular. Even though almost any food item can be infused with cannabis and consumed, brownies remain one of the most well-known and sought-after products.

What is Edible Cannabis

Cannabis edibles offer a pleasant substitute for individuals who choose not to smoke or inhale marijuana. The effects of edibles are stronger and last longer than other cannabis products. This method of cannabis intake is simpler for people who are just starting out or those who are unable to inhale owing to medical reasons.

Some of the main forms of edible cannabis products are:

  • Gummies
  • Cookies, brownies and other baked goods
  • Chocolates
  • Mints
  • Beverages
  • Novel products including honey, jerky, and olive oil.

What are the Benefit of Weed Edibles

It has been demonstrated that burning plant material and breathing hot smoke and toxins negatively impact respiratory health. Asthmatics may find these effects to be especially bothersome. Edibles provide a smoke-free option for people who want to avoid the dangerous effects of cannabis smoke while taking advantage of all its medical benefits.

Edibles are easy and convenient to use. They don't leave much of a trail, making them more discrete and portable than smoking or vaping.

The effects of edible marijuana are potent and last much longer. Cannabis edibles provide a handy, precisely-dosed, high-potency way to enjoy the numerous advantages that cannabis has to offer. Cannabis edibles provide medicinal users with a variety of possible therapeutic benefits. It has several medicinal advantages like controlling diabetes, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety, and improving sleep, among others.

How to Use Edible Weed

Before consuming edibles, it’s important to understand how they work. With smoking, the effects of cannabis are almost immediate. Edibles, however, take longer to show effects since component compounds must first be digested, metabolized, and absorbed by the body. Depending on your metabolism, body weight, and other variables, it may take well over an hour for the first effects to show.

You may anticipate a quick high from past experiences of smoking or vaping cannabis flowers or concentrates. Therefore, remember to wait for the effects of edibles to manifest before eating more. Do not consume any more than advised because the effects of edibles are powerful and come gradually.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while using edibles. 

  • Most edibles can take up to two or three hours to kick in fully. Effects can last up to six hours. As a general guideline, it is wise to start slowly and wait at least two hours before taking any more.

  • Consume other foods before eating edibles. Eating something before ingesting edibles works the same way as filling up with a snack before drinking alcohol or caffeine. You will absorb the edibles more slowly and are less likely to suffer harsh effects when you have a full stomach. Before indulging in an edible, try eating a small meal to offset cannabis-related hunger pangs.

  • Use edibles in good company and try to ensure there is one sober person in the group to keep things under control.

Frequently Asked Questions about Edible Cannabis At Airfield Dispensary

Here are some of the most common questions we receive, along with their answers:

How long does edible marijuana stay in your system?

Several variables, including the amount of cannabis in the edible consumed, will affect how long it remains in your system. Depending on how frequently or how much marijuana was used, the active components and breakdown products of marijuana can stay in the body for anywhere from a few hours to 90 days.

Where to buy weed edibles?

In California, you can buy edible weed from the Airfield dispensary, the most vertically integrated dispensary in California. Airfield Supply Company encourages its clients to utilize cannabis to improve their quality of life. Our inspiring goal is to help people enjoy every day of life's journey. If you’re not in California, you can easily find edible cannabis at a government-approved dispensary.

What happens if a dog eats edible weed?

Keeping dogs or other pets away from all forms of cannabis is advisable. The effects of cannabis ingestion in dogs might range from drooling and restlessness to coma and even death. Your best course of action if your pet happens to eat edible cannabis by accident is to take it to an emergency vet.

Where can I buy edible marijuana?

If you’d like to sample a wide selection of carefully-crafted edibles, come to Airfield. Our staff will help you with all the questions you might have about how to pick what’s best for you. Order online or walk into one of our dispensaries; we promise it will be a memorable experience.

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