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Medical marijuana or cannabis has been legalized in most US states and continues to be recognized for its effectiveness in treating certain medical conditions. Weed flower is one of the most common cannabis products that is consumed for both medical and recreational purposes. With the ability to cross-breed different strains of the cannabis plant, many new products show promising effects.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is where the journey of consuming cannabis and cannabis-infused products starts. The flower or “bud” contains several components that can be extracted and infused to make different products like concentrates, edibles, and topicals. 

The most premium quality of weed flower comes from the female marijuana plant. They are grown away from the male plants to ensure that only the best flower can be harvested. The male marijuana plant has a bunch of different uses, but cannabis that is consumed and smoked for recreational purposes comes from the female plant. 

There are essentially two strains or types of cannabis - Indica and Sativa. Both have markedly different properties. Sativa strains are known to cause energizing feelings and effects. The Indica strain, on the other hand, has a more calming effect. These two strains can be cross-bred to create hybrid varieties with mixed characteristics. 

The effects and characteristics of the plant are mainly determined by where they are grown and under what conditions. These conditions can be controlled and manipulated to create customized strains with their unique smell, taste, and color.

How to consume weed

You can smoke cannabis flower traditionally by crushing it and rolling it into a “joint” or through accessories like pipes or bongs. The latter are more efficient ways to consume the plant in its natural form. The cannabis flower is also used to create other products like edibles for those who don’t want to smoke it. Cannabis-infused wellness products like topicals relieve chronic pain and treat specific skin ailments. The concentrate from the flower is often used in its purest form in vape oils.

What are the benefits of cannabis flower?

Dispensaries carry a wide range of cannabis products with them these days. However, cannabis flower remains one of the most popular products. This is because of several reasons.

  1. Ease of consumption: Cannabis flower is easily used in products like pre-rolls and joints. They continue to be popular among users because of this characteristic

  2. Quick effects: Cannabis flower shows immediate effects. Medical marijuana users point out that smoking the cannabis flower is the fastest way to get its benefits.  

  3. Choose how much: With cannabis flower, you can choose how much you want to use. Other cannabis products have a restriction because you cannot alter their intensity.

FAQ asked by Airfield Budtenders

Every day, we get many questions about flower, their different types, effects, and more. Here are some common queries about weed flower:

What is infused flower weed?

An infused flower is commonly referred to as “caviar.” It is a highly potent product that consists of a high-quality flower coated with cannabis oil and dusted with kief (a resin gland on the cannabis plant).

How long does weed flower effects last?

The effect of cannabis flower depends on the intensity of the strain and how much you are consuming. The higher the intensity and consumption, the longer the effects will last. Effects can last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours. Regular users will feel lighter effects because their bodies develop a tolerance for cannabis.

What is hybrid flower?

A hybrid flower combines characteristics from Indica and Sativa plants to create a new version or strain. This is achieved through cross-breeding cannabis plants with different characteristics. Today, there are hundreds of such hybrids in the cannabis market.

What is the best way to smoke flower?

If you are looking for quick and effective ways to smoke a flower, roll it into a joint or smoke it using a pipe or bong. Pipes and bongs are the fastest way to consume flower because they can handle more volume of cannabis. On the other hand, joints can be customized and mixed with tobacco to achieve a smoother effect.

Is flower stronger than oil?

Oils are extracted from the cannabis plant, making them highly concentrated. This makes them stronger than flower.

If you’re looking to browse through a wide selection of flower, come to Airfield. We are dedicated to providing premium quality cannabis products for our consumers. Browse our flower category on our website or walk into a California dispensary today for a memorable experience.

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