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What Are Weed Pills And Capsules?

Weed Pills and Capsules are a concentrated form of cannabis manufactured to be consumed in pill form. They typically contain cannabis oil or ground-up, decarboxylated cannabis flower. There are a variety of different types of weed pills and/or capsules that fit within these two broad categories:

  • Cannabis oil capsules: These capsules contain cannabis oil. They typically come in transparent gel caps. The THC content of these capsules is five to 25 milligrams or more.

  • Cannabis flower capsules: These capsules contain flower that has been decarboxylated, a process that uses heat to activate the psychoactive compounds in cannabis. This is a full-spectrum formulation that contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis plant.

  • Isolate THC capsules: These capsules are made of pure THC and are devoid of terpenes, other cannabinoids, and plant debris.

  • Specialty Tablets: Companies like Level Protabs make specialized cannabis tablets with many different cannabinoid formulations that include THCa, CBD, CBG, Delta8, and good old THC. These are best for consumers looking for a specific effect.

How Do I Use Cannabis Pills And Capsules?

It's always a good idea for first-time users to start slow and be patient. Begin with the lowest milligram dosage; preferably 5mg or less. Effect onset is comparable to an edible. It may take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. Some tablets may be taken sublingually, which may reduce onset to 20 minutes.

In the event, you don't feel the desired effect, be patient. Wait a full 90 minutes before taking another dose. Cannabis legend is full of stories about the person who doubled their dose too soon and regretted it. It's also crucial to understand that everybody has a different tolerance. The perfect dosage for you may not be right for someone else, and vice/versa. So just take your time and find your way.

What Are The Benefits Of Weed Pills And Capsules?

The benefits of Weed Pills and Capsules range from convenience to portability:

  • Cannabis pills are healthier because they are not smoked. Although the evidence suggests that cannabis smoke is less harmful than tobacco, burning cannabis still releases harmful compounds, such as carbon monoxide. Weed capsules or pills avoid the dangerous byproducts of combustion.

  • Weed pills and capsules are discreet and portable. They are odorless, bottled, and easy for cannabis users to transport and medicate anywhere.

  • The sugar and calories in edibles like brownies are not in capsules and tablets. For consumers counting calories or avoiding sugar, weed pills are ideal.

  • If consistent dosage is important, weed pills are a perfect solution. Cannabis testing requires all pills to be tested for potency. This makes it simple to know the exact milligrams per dose, and to find the exact dose that's right for you.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions At Airfield On Pills and Capsules:

If you’ve never tried cannabis pills, you may have questions about their use and effectsSome frequently asked questions about weed pills and capsules are:

How long does the effect of weed pills and capsules last?

Cannabis pills have longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaping. Similar to edibles, the effect may last for three to five hours.

How long do weed pills and capsules take to kick in?

Depending on the type of pill, capsule, or tablet, it may take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes to feel the effects. An empty stomach will usually cause a more rapid onset.

What are weed pills and capsules used for?

Weed pills and capsules have recreational and medicinal uses. Patients can utilize THC cannabis pills for treating pain, reducing inflammation, easing sleeplessness, reducing anxiety, and increasing appetite. Recreational users may just use them to get high.

Where can I buy cannabis pills and capsules?

You can easily buy various cannabis pills and capsules from Airfield Supply Company's extensive menu. Airfield Supply is the most vertically integrated dispensary in California. We encourage our clients to use cannabis to improve their quality of life. 

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