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Featured Brands

It's a joint effort. Check out these sponsored brands that we can't get enough of.


Highest in purity, potency, & flavor, Select is the best-selling oil in its class.


Fun and flavorful gummies made for a highly tailored edibles experience


Light your fire with small-batch, craft-grown cannabis. Grown here at Airfield.


Designed to enhance your every day with easily dose-able & consistent products.

Hifi Hops

A hoppy sparkling beverage. 0 calories, & 0 carbs infused with locally-grown cannabis

More Dank Brands

Flow Kana

Independent multi-generational farmers who cultivate sustainably, in full sun, & in small batches.

Papa & Barkley

A team of caregivers, scientists, and professionals working to unlock the power of cannabis to improve lives.


Enjoy the best of pure cannabis with complete personalization and transparency.

Emerald Sky

Known for their delicious, all-natural cannabis-infused edibles with zero artificial colors or flavors.

Lowell Herb Co

A family of farms that grow craft cannabis sustainably & with natural materials from seed to sale.

Big Pete's Treats

A family business with Santa Cruz soul, dedicated to baking cookies that are tasty, consistent, & effective.


Founded in emergent cannabinoids, allowing humans to discover the potential of cannabis.


Jetty makes the finest, carefully crafted products, free of pesticides, chemicals, & fillers, all from California.


Wyld creates products infused with real-fruit ingredients & flavors that embody the true Pacific Northwest culture.


A micro-dosed social tonic that gives you a light buzz with fewer empty calories & all-natural ingredients.

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