Want to be one of the faces of Airfield Supply Company? We are looking for amazing stories about cannabis usage and the community members behind them. If you are interested in being considered for our new series “WHY I FLY,” submit your information below and let us know why you fly with cannabis, how it improves your life and what the world should know about you. If selected, you may be asked to share your story on camera as a part of our new series.

The most important part, tell us why you fly! We are looking for interesting, inspiring and unlikely stories from all types of cannabis users to feature on our social channels, blog, and in our marketing efforts. Whether it's for medical reasons, to enhance your creativity or mood, enjoy time with your friends or anything other reason - we want to hear your story! Write as much as you want in this section so that we can learn more about you, how cannabis improves your life and get the chance to be featured in our new campaign!
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